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Jeffrey Watkins

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    • Based in Perth Western Australia, Jeff discovered theatre at a very early age, but it took him a few years to realise his passion for it. With recordings of him as a toddler “interviewing” anyone who would stand still for more than 2 seconds to motivate him, he plunged head first into the world of stage performance toward the end of his high school years.
      With more than 20 years experience in both stage and film, he has taken on everything from comedy, drama, Shakespeare, and musicals. Jeff has also directed a number of stage productions, and film projects. He has made good use of his martial arts skills choreographing a few sword and hand-to-hand sequences for both stage and film.
      He now hosts regular Trivia Nights, edits the weekly Popcorn Web series, and has appeared in a number of recently made films and TV mini-series, including Cloud Street, The War that Changed Us, Son of a Gun, and the soon to be released Blue Dog, and Silent City. Jeff manages many accents including Standard USA.


    • 49 yr(s) 21 day(s)
    • AU
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